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Contemporary Women's Care

January 2022
Member Project

Paladin Healthcare LLC



Contemporary Women’s Care is an all-female OB/GYN practice dedicated to the total health care needs of women living in the greater Orlando, Florida, area. One of the few truly independent OB/GYN practices left in the greater Orlando area, the team at Contemporary Women’s Care is passionate about preserving the relationships between patients and their providers.  When the Director of Contemporary Women's Care, Dr. Pam Snook,  saw the Paladin rail products in action at the hospitals she decided to incorporate our philosophy of “…..if it’s on a wall it’s on a rail” throughout her new facility.



The goal of this project was to provide seamless and flexible equipment management solutions to an environment where form and function meet head on.

This project included the development of 2 new products, one for a mirror commonly used in exam rooms and the other was a business card holder for her check out areas where cards from associated colleagues would be displayed.



As the product was installed, several conflicts with in-wall outlets and spacing were encountered. "It always works on paper" but drawings do not take in to consideration the reality of the space once constructed.

Having had a "pre-manufactured" casework product installed, allowed little flexibility in adjusting electrical services or heights. Adding the necessary tools for the clinicians to deliver their care effectively without cluttering the limited space which was the challenge. The Paladin Equipment Rail solution leveled the playing field and allowed the team to manage all the "point-of-care" requirements in a way which did not distract of diminish the design intent.



Each obstacle was overcome on site by adjusting and adapting Paladin products in a different orientation or by changing the location of the rails to meet a more suitable need…..all based on the "real” space, not just drawings. Details such as adapting gloves boxes to different orientations (vertical to horizontal) or changing the height of plates for sharps dispensers without having to drill extra holes or "settling" for a compromise were easy solutions.



The key finding on this project was that there was significant reduction in post occupancy changes to installed casework. The design intent and the investment of the owner in to high style finishes were both preserved. The use of the rail also shortened the post construction timeline, visually eliminating any contractor change orders due to the flexibility the rail system provided.