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Design Strategies — Staff Wellbeing

December 2022
Design Strategies

Staff Wellbeing: Design for Resilience



Several evidence-based design strategies have been identified to help reduce clinician stress and foster resilience.



Organizational Culture of Wellness

  • Invest in break spaces that provide positive distraction and connection to nature and natural elements.
    • Windows with views
    • Accessible outdoor gardens dedicated for staff use
  • Locate breakrooms close to patient care areas so they are more likely to be used.
  • Include furniture in breakrooms to comfortably accommodate people of different sizes and abilities.
  • Consider including noise-canceling headphones with the option for music in breakrooms.
  • Exclude in-house telephones and monitoring equipment (fetal, telemetry) from breakrooms.


Practice Efficiency

  • Consider centralized nursing stations and/or wider corridors to foster social support and collaboration.
  • Design to mitigate interruptions during high-risk tasks.
  • Consider protocol recommendations to manage non-critical alarms.


Personal Resilience

  • Provide dedicated napping areas for clinicians working 12-hour shifts.

See the accompanying tool for prompting questions and considerations.

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