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Healthcare Interior Design 2.0 Podcast Episode 18:Teri Lura Bennet, RN, CID, CHID, IIDA, EDAC, NCIDQ

August 2019

This is the first episode of Healthcare Interior Design 2.0 - The Lightning Round.  It features 12 questions in 25 minutes with one design industry expert, and a fun 5-10 minute segment at the end of the episode called, "A Thing of the Past" or "Here to Stay".

Teri Lura-Bennett, Lead Interior Designer at Johns Hopkins Health System and a registered nurse is the first lightning round guest. She speaks on how to reduce those incessant beeping noises in the hospital space. “I have an Apple Watch and when I’m driving it will tap me when it’s time to turn, and it would be as simple as that. A little tap and a visual code that says, room 422".

This and more on what it’s like to be a healthcare designer and a nurse on this episode of Healthcare Interior Design 2.0 - The Lightning Round. 

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