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Healthcare Interior Design 2.0 Podcast EPISODE 46: Part 2, Roderic Walton, AIA, NOMA, NCARB; PRINCIPAL, Moody Nolan

April 2021
In this episode, Roderic answers the question, "When thinking about the future, how can healthcare design and architecture professionals begin to change entrenched systems that are the source of some of these race-related problems?”
Roderic shares, “The solution starts with an understanding that it’s not just about individual folks solving their own problems, picking themselves up by their bootstraps and overcoming centuries of oppression. The study of history is clear, it’s instructive; we have a collective responsibility to address these types of concerns. Architects can become active participants in community engagement and outreach activities, and really position ourselves as being much more inclusive and receptive to the notion that we have elective responsibility here to address these issues of oppression. And because we are architects does not mean the problem lies outside of our industry."