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Healthcare Interior Design 2.0 Podcast EPISODE 47: Gina Chang, AIA, EDAC, Principal and Healthcare Architect at CO Architects

May 2021
In this episode, Gina Chang, AIA, EDAC, Principal and Healthcare architect at CO Architects, answers the question, “What is the collaborative workplace in healthcare that we see coming out of healthcare and why is it so important right now?”  Gina shares, “For so long we’ve been focused on the patients and their families which is very important. The staff is also part of the healing machine of the hospital. Human centered design focuses on humans and these humans who take care of other humans deserve to be taken care of as well. It’s about time some of the best spaces in the hospital went to the staff.” This and so much more on the changing face of healthcare design post-COVID from Gina Chang’s perspective on today’s episode of the podcast.