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The Healthcare Interior Design 2.0 Podcast EPISODE 52: Part 2, Dame Laura Lee, DBE, Chief Executive of Maggie's – Everyone’s Home of Cancer Care

February 2022

On Part 2 of today’s episode with Dame Laura Lee, DBE, Chief Executive of Maggie's –Everyone’s Home for Cancer Care, Laura shares details of the special gardens at Maggie’s, and how thoughtfully they are designed to nourish every visitor, supporting both optimistic and challenging conversations. 

Learn more about Maggie’s famous architects, the architect of the first Maggie’s center, and what qualities an architect must have to make her or him a perfect fit to design a Maggie’s. How did Frank Gehry become a Maggie's architect, and how did Her Royal Highness The Duchess of Cornwall become Maggie’s President in 2008?

Part 2 continues Cheryl's deep conversation with Dame Laura Lee as they explore the evolution of Maggie’s centers, what has changed because of the pandemic, and what the future of Maggie’s holds.

In Part 2 of Cheryl’s conversation with Dame Laura Lee, they discuss:

  • What do the gardens that play a central role in Maggie’s look like, and how do they provide nourishment to their visitors?
  • How did Maggie’s husband, Charles Jencks get involved with Maggie’s?
  • Who was the architect who built the first Maggie’s?
  • What qualities does an architect have that make him/her a perfect fit to design a Maggie’s?
  • What are some of Maggie's current challenges with the pandemic, and how has  Maggie’s adapted?
  • Listen to Laura tell the story of how In November 2008, HRH (Her Royal Highness) The Duchess of Cornwall became Maggie’s President. 
  • In 2019, Laura was awarded a Damehood for her services to people with cancer. Hear Laura tell the story and explain what exactly a Dame is.
  • Who are some of Maggie’s strategic partners?
  • What advice does Laura have for interior design and architecture students who are considering the field of healthcare, but might be a bit afraid of taking the plunge and specializing in it?

Learn more about Dame Laura Lee and Maggie’s by visiting: https://www.maggies.org/.
Read Maggie's architectural brief; given to every architect who designs a Maggie's center: https://www.maggies.org/about-us/publications/.