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Healthcare Interior Design 2.0 Podcast Episode 9: Kristin Zeit & Jennifer Kovacs Silvis OF Emerald Exhibitions

July 2019

Kristin D. Zeit – Publisher of Healthcare Design and Environments for Aging magazines, and Jennifer Kovacs Silvis, Editor-In-Chief of Healthcare Design and Environments for Aging magazines at Emerald Expositions provide tips on things like how to get your work published in HCD and EFA!

As Jennifer shares, “I encourage listeners to remember that we're not always looking for the one million square foot Greenfield Hospital. It doesn't have to be the big flashy things. Our audiences are working on all kinds of projects, big and small. We are interested in anything." Beyond publishing tips, they discuss what the future holds in healthcare design, and what exhibitors and attendees of HCD and EFA conferences can expect in 2019!

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