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Inova Health System

October 2012
Member Project
KI & Wilmot/Sanz

KI & Wilmot/Sanz

Firm's role on the project:  Working with Inova and architectural firm Wilmot/Sanz, KI developed custom furniture solutions that accommodated the design and functional requirements of the facilites on Inova Fairfax Hospital's campus.


Project vision/goals

Inova operates several facilities on its Inova Fairfax Hospital campus.  As each of these facilities was built or renovated, they had unique requirements that needed to be met.  In choosing a furniture provider, Inova was looking for someone to listen to their needs and provide products that offered both quality and value.

Staff in the administrative offices told the designers that space was scarce, and there was littel room for storage.  KI solved the problem through use of their Balance overheads cabinets - stacking them to provide greater density, yet still offering easy, one-touch operation.  The administrative offices also utilized KI's True desking system, which allowed workspaces to be easily reconfigured to meet changing needs.

In the Inova Heart and Vascular Institute, patient room areas were designed to create a residential feel, but allowed nurses to provide the care needed without being restricted by cluttered space.  One KI solution was the Flex recliner, which gave patients an alternative to their hospital beds during the daytime, but allowed nurses to elevate patients' legs as necessary.

The Claude Moore Health Education and Research Center required flexible furniture that could accommodate a variety of teaching applications.  Inova specified Torsion on the Go! chairs and Trek tables, which easily reconfigured into a variety of classroom settings.


Additional details

A wide variety of KI products are found throughout the Inova Fairfax Hospital's sprawling campus.  What made KI the right choice was not just the breadth of the product, but more importantly the KI team listening to the Inova staff's needs and matching them to the right products.  Those solutions are making the Inova facilities more effective in supporting the patients.

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