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Inova Health System

October 2017
Member Project




Inova Health System aims to develop a world-class center for personalized health.  Having recently acquired 117 acres of land (adjacent to their flagship hospital in Fairfax, VA) to build the new Inova Center for Personalized Health (ICPH), Navigant was engaged to provide advice on the business plan for the personalized health concept.  Without many comparable institutes or developments to benchmark against, what exactly were the goals for the Center and how does it fit into the long-term development of the site?   The team was asked to define the vision for ICPH, define the consumer, assess the market potential and evaluate the preliminary financial implications.


Navigant assembled a multi-disciplinary team of experts with backgrounds in personalized health, research, mixed use real estate, facility planning and business planning to define the likely business case for ICPH.  The Team began by refining the vision for ICPH in terms of the overall health system and in the eyes of consumers, payers, corporate partners, and physicians.

About Inova Health System
Inova is a global leader in personalized health, including precision medicine, individualized wellness, and predictive prevention.  Serving more than two million people a year throughout Washington, DC., Inova’s five hospitals include more than 1,700 licensed beds and 16,000 employees. Inova encompassed the full array of health services, including the area’s only Level 1 trauma center and Level IV neonatal intensive care unit.

The quantitative analysis began with an in-depth market assessment around the consumer channels to understand the market potential and Inova’s capabilities to capture the various opportunities.  Navigant utilized its extensive network to introduce Inova to potential strategic partners.  During the planning, direct discussions took place with complementary healthcare, bio-tech, research, tech accelerators, pharmaceutical companies, retail, corporate office, and community programs, organizations.  To create a common understanding of the potential for the site and inspire broader thinking, Navigant organized a colloquium for Inova leadership that included leaders in health policy, personalized medicine, virtual care, and direct-to-consumer marketing.
The Navigant Team also defined how to make the overall campus a destination or ‘place’ that would thrive well into the future.  And, finally, a land use and zoning strategy was developed based on the preferred mix of services on the campus, outlining Inova’s real estate development and partnering approach for this massive site.


Navigant defined the vision and business plan for ICPH and the overall 117 acre site that provided Inova with the confidence to implement portions of the strategy over time and to adequately plan financial and other resources for implementation.  The Team worked closely with many stakeholders within Inova and other partners of Inova to create strong buy-in to the direction and possibilities.


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