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Looking Forward: The Future of Healthcare Facilities

June 2021
Last March, the COVID-19 pandemic disrupted clinical care and work life as we knew it. Health systems had to adapt and develop innovative solutions quickly. Today as the number of cases are starting to fall and the country and world are starting to reopen, there is an opportunity to reflect on what we’ve experienced and look forward. Rather than designing spaces the way they have been done in the past, it is a time to re-consider how these spaces can be designed and organized differently.

Join this esteemed panel of thought leaders as they discuss what decisions they are pondering now in response to changes in the delivery of care and the way we work. Hear their predictions about the future of care delivery processes and how systems and design will fit into ushering in that future. While the path forward is not totally clear, come to hear the various factors they are juggling to shed some light on their views about tomorrow’s healthcare delivery and healthcare design.

This panel is comprised of members of The Center for Health Design Built Environment Network (BEN), a group of executive-level professionals who are dedicated to improving safety, quality, and sustainability in healthcare.