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Insights & Solutions

    EDAC Advocate Firm Project
    September 2011 EDAC Advocate Firm Project

    The goal for this project was to become a landmark facility for the delivery of outpatient services in Canada and a model of best practice and clinical integration for current and future residents of Surrey, British Columbia. To create an elder-friendly facility catering to the needs of Surrey’s growing multicultural community.

    EDAC Advocate Firm Project
    September 2015 EDAC Advocate Firm Project

    The goal for this project was to change a patient’s hospital experience through specific environmental design features aimed at reducing stress.

    August 2015 Tool

    Developed through extensive review of research, surveys, site tests, and review and validation by expert advisory council members, this standard set of evidence-based design checklists and post-occupancy evaluation (POE) tools can be used by interior designers to apply research to healthcare design projects and to conduct post-occupancy evaluations of three types of hospital patient rooms: adult medical-surgical, adult intensive care, and maternity care.

    October 2014 Blog

    The issue of excessive noise in healthcare facilities is indeed complicated. Patients need a calm, peaceful environment in which to heal, and loud noises certainly are at odds with that concept. While architectural and design choices can be made to lower the general noise level -- high-performance sound-absorbing materials in floors, ceilings, and walls are examples -- perhaps the most important and effective step a healthcare organization can take is to create a “culture of quiet” among its staff on all levels.