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Insights & Solutions

    Member Project
    September 2022 Member Project

    Following the completion of a comprehensive campus master plan, SmithGroup was engaged to plan and implement a transformative healthcare facility for this 360-bed community hospital, associated with Emory University and the School of Medicine. The new hospital facilities are designed to create a fresh image for the campus, improve internal and external circulation, and provide inpatient and outpatient facilities that support a more efficient and patient-focused care model. The scope included full design deliverables, construction schedules, facility condition assessments, cost estimates and value engineering, low voltage design, medical equipment planning, and IO&T.

    August 2022 Webinar

    The program will then focus on addressing the apparent conflicts by identifying some of the alleged conflicts.  Each conflict will then be discussed in detail looking at current code requirements, changes in more recent editions of the applicable codes, and looking at equivalencies or alternative methods that could be considered.  As with other design considerations, involvement of all the stakeholders will be illustrated as a key factor in achieving an acceptable level of life safety while meeting the needs of the patients and clinical staff in a behavioral health environment.  

    June 2022 Webinar

    This webinar offers a unique opportunity to hear from leaders in the healthcare industry who will share their insights on current challenges within health systems and how they are beginning to make decisions in a more data driven way. They’ll share their real-world experiences, memorable stories from their work, case study examples, and most importantly, they’ll help guide attendees towards a path forward and shed light on their view of the future of healthcare. 

    Product / Project Innovation Highlights
    May 2022 Product / Project Innovation Highlights

    Designed specifically for behavioral health, this saloon-style bathroom door releases at a weight of less than 11lbs, in any direction, and helps to create a safer environment whilst preserving the privacy and dignity of patients facing the journey towards recovery.

    April 2022 Webinar

    This webinar will delve into the process of selecting the appropriate level of lighting control and strategies and organization of workflow approach, while prioritizing the patient and owner perspective.     

    April 2022 Podcast

    On Part 1 of today’s episode, Cheryl interviews Trisha Fong, Assoc. AIA, Senior Associate at e4h, Environments for Health Architecture. Trisha generously shines the spotlight on e4h’s 4wrd; Diversity, Equity, Inclusion initiative.

    April 2022 Slidecast

    Stroebel, R. J., Obeidat, B., Lim, L., Mitchell, J. D., Jasperson, D. B., & Zimring, C. (2021). The impact of clinic design on teamwork development in primary care. Health Care Management Review.

    This study by Stroebel and colleagues looked at the relationship of clinic design, specifically co-location of staff, and teamwork in outpatient settings.

    April 2022 Slidecast

    Hybschmann, J., Topperzer, M. K., Gjærde, L. K., Born, P., Mathiasen, R., Sehested, A. M., Jennum, P. J., & Sørensen, J. L. (2021). Sleep in hospitalized children and adolescents: A scoping review. Sleep Medicine Reviews

    This is a 2021 study by Hybschmann and colleagues. This is new from what we’ve done in our prior 5-minute summaries. This is a literature review, in this case a scoping review. A scoping review is a rigorous and systematic way to establish the scope of a body of literature (like the name implies). It establishes an evidence base without producing a summary answer to a specific research question like a systematic review.

    April 2022 Slidecast

    Beauvais, B., Richter, J. P., Kim, F. S., Palmer, E. L., Spear, B. L., Turner, R. C., (2021) A reason to renovate: The association between hospital age of plant and value-based purchasing performance. Health Care Management Review

    There is a potential ROI for capital projects, which may have previously been unknown, ignored, or at least, not defined. The authors note that not every organization has the financial ability to fund capital projects, and the investments may cost more than the return associated solely with bonus payments from reimbursement.