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Insights & Solutions

    March 2019 Webinar

    This webinar will present an overview of the Legacy Emanuel Medical Center garden research project. For this project, The Center for Health Design awarded Legacy Health and Quatrefoil, Inc. its 2018 Evidence-Based Design Touchstone Award at the highest Platinum Level. Attendees will gain an understanding of the impact of an evidence-based design (EBD) process to create a hospital garden to reduce stress in three different user groups, learn the positive effects of a garden on different hospital populations, and see how the garden is used in daily programming to serve all hospital populations.

    January 2015 Webinar

    This presentation focuses on the change in process that will increase the likelihood of a successful outcome related to implementing evidence-based design. The Stanley Tippett Hospice Home is part of the VNAcare Hospice Network and is located in a historically significant residential neighborhood in Needham, MA.