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Insights & Solutions

    EDAC Advocate Firm Project
    February 2019 EDAC Advocate Firm Project

    ARCH Design’s goal was to complement the views of Forest Park and the bold super graphics already included in the design of the space with art that related to the hospital’s surrounding community and its rich cultural offerings. However, adhering to the stringent fire code was the highest priority, so the ARCH team researched materials and designed custom pieces that both exceeded safety standards and upheld this conceptual framework.

    EDAC Advocate Firm Project
    February 2019 EDAC Advocate Firm Project
    Rush University Medical Center sought to create a new patient experience tailored to the unique preferences of the residents living in the River North neighborhood while expanding access. They also sought to create a forward-thinking operational model with an emphasis on leveraging technology.
    EDAC Advocate Firm Project
    February 2019 EDAC Advocate Firm Project

    The goals of this project were to discover the challenges of a new entry portal and determine design decisions to enable clarity for patients, families, and staff and to create an entry that matched the vision of this world-class hospital.

    EDAC Advocate Firm Project
    February 2019 EDAC Advocate Firm Project
    The aim of THR and UT Southwestern Frisco Campus’ Health Facilitator was to show how a facility embedded within a community can encourage wellness, preventative care, and proactive behavior for the surrounding population instead of the typical reactive model of seeking care after illness or injury occurs. Thoughtful design strategies and incorporation of mixed-use spaces intend to change the view of the facility from a hospital or institution to one that is more integrated into the community.
    Issue Brief
    February 2019 Issue Brief
    As part of the safety toolbox, in this issue brief you will learn about the importance of recognizing the presence of behavioral and mental health patients throughout a facility, the conditions of both self-harm and harm to others, including staff, and design considerations to mitigate the risk of injury associated with behavioral and mental health populations.
    Design Strategies
    February 2019 Design Strategies

    The following design solutions are a brief summary of the content found in Reducing Injury and Harm: An Issue Brief on Safety for Behavioral & Mental Health. They are organized by building design category.

    February 2019 Tool

    The following table provides a crosswalk of design categories in the built environment (e.g., unit layout) and safety issues to consider in behavioral and mental health settings (e.g., blind spots). This table is meant to serve as a high-level roadmap for design considerations in conjunction with the online Safety Risk Assessment (SRA) toolkit (www.healthdesign.org/sra). It is not intended to serve as a substitute for the online version of the SRA tool.

    Executive Summary
    February 2019 Executive Summary
    Understanding Injury in Behavioral and Mental Health Settings  

    Based on a 2016 survey by the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA), the National Institute of Mental Health (NIMH) found that 18% of adults in the U.S. had a mental illness in the previous year

    Member Project
    February 2019 Member Project
    Moser Pilon Nelson Architects worked with the hospital, selecting Altro Aquarius and Altro Whiterock for use throughout the unit. Altro Whiterock’s hygienic nature prevents water and moisture ingress, and its durable impact-resistance ensures a sledgehammer strike won’t even crack its panels. 
    December 2018 Webinar
    This webinar explores how MedStar Health is using fast-track design to help catalyze a new model of behavioral health, using the reduction of barriers, small house concepts and interior design strategies to create positive environments where patients are positively impacted.