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Insights & Solutions

    December 2018 Webinar
    This webinar explores how STUDIO E, an ERDMAN Center of Thought Leadership & Innovation in Healthcare, is working with several behavioral health clients on the hypothesis, “Can concepts driving culture change in senior living and other aspects of  healthcare – such as small household design and on-stage/off-stage planning – translate in a behavioral healthcare setting to facilitate an effective balance between safety and patient comfort, dignity, and control?”
    October 2018 Related Resource
    This list of resources is made of up of policies and organizations related to behavioral and mental health. Use this list to learn more about this topic.
    October 2018 Interview
    Learn about how the need for behavioral health furniture to encompass not only safety, but also comfort and beauty, why there is no “one-size-fits-all” solution to behavioral health design, and how lessons learned from the hospitality field can inform designers working on behavioral health projects.
    Lessons Learned
    October 2018 Lessons Learned
    This list has been compiled based on research literature, case studies, interviews, and other materials to provide an overview of behavioral and mental health (BMH).  
    October 2018 Webinar
    This webinar explores how out of a vision from renowned child psychiatrist and human geneticist Dr. Matthew State, the University of California, San Francisco (UCSF) Child, Teen & Family Center and Department of Psychiatry Building will be the first-ever UCSF facility for both pediatric and adult psychiatric patients and one of the first facilities in the U.S. to integrate the neurosciences with traditional psychiatry for child, adolescent and adult patient populations. 
    Member Project
    October 2018 Member Project
    The expansion of SSM Health St. Joseph Hospital-Lake St. Louis not only added 84 new beds, but also transformed the campus into a welcoming, hospitality-inspired setting that enhances the patient and staff experience. The new 3-story patient tower overlooks Lake St. Louis, which also provided the architecture firm Lawrence Group with inspiration for the interior design. 
    Member Project
    October 2018 Member Project
    ARCH Design was brought on by the Architecture, Planning, Design & Construction Department at Nicklaus Children’s Hospital in Miami, FL to provide a suite of local nature photography for the Advanced Pediatric Care Pavilion (APCP). The project encompassed 200 acrylics, custom framed canvases and prints, over 250 shadow box frames for patient and staff art, and hanging systems for patient art for each of the 189 rooms. 
    Member Project
    October 2018 Member Project
    Park View Tower stands at the crossroads of a dynamic urban neighborhood and Forest Park, a St. Louis destination for nature and culture. Research in Evidence Based Design informed the decision to maximize park views in the private patient rooms, while the natural finishes reinforced the connection to the outdoors. BJC’s Architecture and Planning team tasked ARCH Design 
    EBD Journal Club
    September 2018 EBD Journal Club
    Bayramzadeh, S., Joseph, A., San, D., Khoshkenar, A., Jafarifiroozabadi, R., Neyens, D. M. (2018). Health Environments Research & Design Journal. DOI: 10.1177/1937586717751124.
    September 2018 Webinar
    This webinar will highlight various considerations, evaluation strategies, and previously completed projects, which aim to optimize tasks being performed, information and equipment used, and the design of environments for individuals involved in the medication use process.