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Physicians Group of South Florida at Mount Sinai Medical Center

March 2016
Member Project



Firm's role on the project:  Creating an immersive art installation to improve engagement and satisfaction


Project Mission and Vision 

The mission of this project was to create a transformative experience for everyone who interacted in the environment of the practice through the installation of artwork. We had created successful campaigns many times before in the corporate environment, where only employees were present, but never had we been involved in a project where end-users also frequented the space. The goal was to develop visual tools strategically designed and placed to enhance HCAHPS derived metrics on both the patient and employee side. 

Research Used and Lessons Learned  

Data collected through interviews and focus groups with patients, nurses, staff and physicians were analyzed. The resulting insights were fed to our artists who created a collection of images meant to address tensions and aspirations within, and between, the different groups. The final selection of pieces was then strategically placed in different areas of the practice based on which groups interacted in the spaces.

Several metrics were collected before the installation and one month into the project.

We learned that by creating an immersive installation of artwork in an outpatient clinic, we can have a big impact in the way that everyone interacts in the space. The result has been a complete transformation in the practice. 


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