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Presbyterian Rust Medical Center

October 2012
Member Project
Distinctive Art Source


Your firm’s role on the project: Art Consultant


Project vision/goals

Presbyterian Healthcare Services wanted to involve the community of Rio Rancho in the creation of an art program that not only visually established a connection to Sandoval County, but also reflected New Mexico’s rich culture. The art program was to reflect the new face of Presbyterian, elements of which would be implemented at their existing flagship downtown location to visually create “One Presbyterian”. Authenticity was paramount. 


Lessons Learned

1. Local artistic involvement is powerful

2. Community involvement both external and internal creates ownership.


Additional details

Community Involvement: The Call to Artists excited and immediately involved the local art community. Once submissions were reviewed, a participatory tile program was created. Local mosaic artist, Laura Robbins, designed multiple tiles featuring local animals in their natural environments. These tiles will be completed by community groups with the help of the artist over the next number of months and further into the future. Upon completion the tiles will be installed in gardens at RMC Presbyterian’s downtown hospital and in clinic spaces. Two tiles representing City Council Members and City Managers were completed by the artist before the opening as a way to introduce the tile program. A group of recognized nurses will complete 2 additional tiles as will the family of the first baby born at RMC.

Art Solution: The art program visualizes “Beautiful Science: the artful depiction of the conscious marrying of similar patterns found nature, the high tech world and New Mexico’s culture,” as defined by art committee member Marissa Perez. 231 pieces of original artwork by 13 New Mexico artists combined with 199 authentic published art elements and 11 quilts to be made by the NICU nurses combine to keep patients close to nature while complementing breathtaking exterior hospital views.

Cultural Wall featured on a promenade public corridor filled with natural light as it overlooks the healing courtyard is a collage of contemporary photography illustrating many traditional local Pueblo arts, crafts, building styles and traditional dress. As you look out across the courtyard you experience the wind sculptures and the beautiful patterns they create against a natural backdrop. NICU Portraits now create a joyful gallery of hope in the NICU corridors at both RMC and downtown Presbyterian.


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