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Preventing Infections: How Healthcare Design and Operations Lead the Way

August 2021
As the world grappled with COVID-19, most sectors were re-evaluating how to best design, operate, and maintain their facilities. Environmental contamination contributes to infections through a chain of transmission that includes surface contamination and airborne transmission. A long-standing issue in healthcare, infection prevention has historically been addressed through ICRAs (Infection Control Risk Assessments) and organizational policies and procedures for cleaning and disinfection. Today, infections prevention issues are a direct and immediate concern to all types of facilities including office spaces, transportation hubs, hospitality sites, educational facilities, retail, public venues and more. Jumping off the lessons learned in healthcare, this session will highlight recommended best practices regarding designing to mitigate the risk of infection, emerging infection prevention technologies, proper surface cleaning & disinfection, and best practices in facility operation & maintenance.
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