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Safety Risk Assessment Toolkit (PDF version)

August 2015
The Center For Health Design


This Safety Risk Assessment (SRA) toolkit helps healthcare design teams proactively identify and mitigate built environment conditions that may impact patient and worker safety in healthcare environments.  Through extensive review of research, consensus building with industry experts, and pilot testing, the SRA toolkit was created to support the 2014 FGI Guidelines for Design and Construction of Hospitals and Outpatient Facilities. 

The Toolkit

The PDF version of the toolkit is available at no charge through a Creative Commons license with restrictions. Click on the purple box above to download a copy. The toolkit includes:

  • Safe Design Roadmap: enables C-suite administrators and leadership teams to identify and implement key strategies that ensure their facility project is strongly focused on patient and staff safety.   

  • Safety Risk Assessment Tool: provides structured guidance for a multidisciplinary facility project team to promote discussion beginning early in the planning, programming, and design process on how the built environment design can help mitigate risks pertaining to patient and staff safety in the above six areas.

Process Guide

A process guide helps new users with an overview and step-by-step recommendations about its use.

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