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Saint Joseph Hospital Heritage Project

April 2019
Member Project





Goals for the replacement facility included increasing efficiency and flow for staff, improving comfort and bettering results for patients, and minimizing the environmental footprint of the campus. Additionally, the client and design team sought to positively contribute to the beauty and wellness of the surrounding neighborhood. 



The design team needed to navigate the challenges of promoting health and healing for the people, the earth, and the community. Diligent planning was used to balance the needs and wants of various hospital departments and define patient and provider flows for optimal functionality. Costs and benefits were strategically weighed to identify the best ways to incorporate sustainable design and community health features while still adhering to to the defined budget. 



The new facility was planned and designed around enhancing operations: increasing efficiency, lowering costs and bettering results in patient care. The design team took great care to minimize the environmental footprint, maximize natural light, and to use hazard-free building materials where possible.

The epicenter of the new facility is the integrated interventional platform located on the 2nd floor with 28 rooms including 16 general operating rooms, a neuro OR, catheter labs and endoscopy procedure areas. Locating nearly all areas for invasive procedures on the same floor allows for shared support and pre-/post-operative areas and better staff coordination. Two new hybrid operating/radiology rooms also create a specialty cardiology expertise center offering state-of-the-art equipment.

As a model Urban Health and Healing Community, the campus provides connections to healthy lifestyles by engaging the surrounding neighborhoods. Area residents and visitors can walk or bike through landscaped walkways and plazas to open spaces that provide relief within the urban environment.



The new facility brought Saint Joseph Hospital improved and expanded function and services, enabling the organization to continue their commitment to high-quality, compassionate medical care for all those who call the Mile High City home. 



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