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Therapeutic Pediatric Outdoor Play Area at St. Luke’s Mountain States Tumor Institute

December 2016
Member Project
St. Luke’s Mountain States Tumor Institute Playground

Playtime, LLC

PLAYTIME LLC is a custom-themed play area manufacturer and design studio based in Englewood, CO.  The company is a global, turnkey provider of interactive indoor, outdoor and water play areas and the market leader in the soft play industry.

The St. Luke’s Mountain States Tumor Institute in Boise, ID recently completed a major expansion and renovation of its Pediatric Oncology Clinic. But when the dust settled, all eyes turned to the outdoor children’s play area, which had served as a staging area during construction.
“We looked outside and thought, ‘We need to do something about the outdoor space!’” says Kim White, Child Life Specialist.

White says that the hospital had an outdoor area where people could sit but it was not conducive to therapeutic play, especially for children with compromised immune systems. The area was made entirely of cement, with built-in cement blocks where people could sit.
“Young people and cement…” says White. “Not a great combination. The kids wanted to jump onto and off of the cement, of course. They’re kids!”
The existing area was a cement jungle and in dealing with kids, they want to jump, climb and potentially fall which is unsafe. The new play area plan would transform the cement jungle into a safe, therapeutic space, while providing a sense of community where parents and children can support one another. Families who spend long hours at the clinic appreciate having a retreat and an alternative to “screen” time. The objective was to take the existing outdoor space and maximize its full potential as a place that honors kids and allows them to find joy.

So an idea was born: create an inviting, colorful outdoor play space where children in treatment could play safely.
White had heard about PLAYTIME from a co-worker and reached out to the company to get the ball rolling.  The hospital connected with their architect firm, Hummel Architects, and the PLAYTIME design team to look at the structure and environmental features, and determine the best approach to making the concrete patio more kid friendly.    
PLAYTIME’s evidence-based design provided the guidelines for creating an immersive, therapeutic environment complete with the all safety features required.  The design enhanced the pediatric outdoor play area with:
  • A welcome environment for patients and their families,
  • Create a cheerful and reassuring space for children and their concerned parents,
  • Whimsical characters will be there for visual stimulation and physical movement,
  • Access to the outdoors is an important healing element,
  • Outdoor environment helps ease fear and anxiety, and
  • Safety features meet national safety standards. 
The new outdoor area was designed to eliminate the barriers that have kept children sidelined in the previous space. The play area offers an outdoor environment for children to regain their much-needed sense of normalcy through outdoor fun. The resilient rubber surfacing is much safer for kids at play, and the whimsical frog, bear, turtle and otter GRFE soft sculpted foam structures provide visual stimulation as well as encourage physical movement that is important in the healing process.
Tree tops on structural columns, canvas shade triangles and a poured in place outdoor safety flooring system completed the transformation from cold concrete patio to warm soft playground.  The result is a safe, appropriate outdoor healing place that creates that normalcy and gives them that hope to be able to get outdoors and play.
“We were very pleased with the safety features offered by PLAYTIME, especially the flooring,” says White. “Many of our patients are more prone to bleeding and infections as a side effect of their treatments and we wanted to provide opportunities for active play in as safe an environment as possible.”
The coatings on PLAYTIME’s soft play elements have been tested and ASTM (G21 and E2180) certified antibacterial. All PLAYTIME play areas are ADA compliant and inspected by a safety specialist. Additionally, PLAYTIME outdoor playground equipment meets all product requirements of ASTM F-1487 – Standard Consumer Safety Performance Specifications for Playground Equipment for Public Use.
Total estimated project cost was $300,000 including construction, installation and specialized playground equipment.
  • Exterior Building & Planter Bed Repair $45,000
  • Subsurface Preparation $63,000
  • Drain System Repair & Replacement $28,000
  • Concrete Replacement $30,000
  • Playtime Equipment and Safety Surface $113,000
  • Contingency & Permitting Fees $21,000
  • Total Cost of Construction and Equipment $300,000 
With a price tag of $300,000 to remove all that concrete, prepare the area for a new play area and create a new play experience with PLAYTIME, the hospital launched a playground fundraising campaign.
“PLAYTIME gave us a sample lady bug and I carried that, and samples of the flooring and artists’ renderings, around with me for six to eight months as I was talking to people about the project,” says Celeste Keller, Director of Major and Planned Giving for the St. Luke’s Health Foundation. “Everyone said, ‘What can I do?’”
In fact, Keller says that the fundraising took on a life of its own with myriad grassroots efforts throughout the community, including bake sales, hot cocoa sales, an Indian food sale, an improv night at a local high school, a dance performance and even a “no-shave November” campaign.
“By the end of the year, we hit our goal,” says Keller.
Construction ramped up and the play area opened in July 2016. The before-and-after pictures look like entirely different spaces. The new PLAYTIME-created play area boasts a woodland theme to match the interior theme of the hospital and includes soft, rubberized flooring and shiny, squishy soft play elements that are certified antibacterial.
“Kids are now using the play area as a bartering tool,” says Keller. “They say, ‘I’ll go do my treatment if I can go play first.’ Our nurse practitioner said it’s good for the kids to feel like they have a sense of control during treatment.”
Keller also says that, as one of only five centers in the nation with a dedicated pediatric oncology physical therapist, the play area will also help with therapy and recovery.
White adds, “Play is a child’s work! Providing play opportunities to our patients and families is a way to normalize a child’s medical experiences and to foster coping through a very difficult time. As child life specialists, we strive to minimize the stress and trauma of medical experiences and play is a critical component in that process.”
She adds, “We are thrilled to have such a beautiful outdoor play space and our patients and families are loving it!” 

The healthcare organization expects to see high marks in their patient satisfaction scores during their next evaluation.

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