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Project Brief
March 2015 Project Brief
Learn about: sustainable healthcare and what it means to Adelante, the organization's method to evaluate design and operational needs for their new flagship facility, and specific strategies implemented to improve patient and provider communication.
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January 2016 Interview

Learn about: using green cleaners to improve patient satisfaction scores around the perception of cleanliness, the negative health impacts associated with traditional cleaning products, and the healthier interiors challenge to reduce the use of harmful chemicals.

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October 2014 Webinar
MASS Design Group is committed to stretching the boundaries of what we expect our built environment to provide. Architecture can restrict people’s access to essential services, but in the process of working on buildings as far afield as Rwanda, the Dominican Republic of the Congo, and Haiti, design and the process of building can also generate systematic change, break the cycle of poverty, and radically improve people’s health, livelihood s and lives. This session outlines the work, process, and opportunities through which architects and designers can apply their skills for impact.