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May 2018 Webinar

In this webinar, you will learn about an innovative clinic design and care-delivery model, as well as the real-time locating system (RTLS) technology that supports it. Yet how do you design a clinic and its workflow without a waiting room, where exam rooms are always free for the next patient, where patients make their own way through the halls, and where providers and staff easily know where to go next?

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February 2014 Webinar

This webinar will guide you through incorporating ambulatory care design trends and evidenced-based design principles when designing for ambulatory facilities. Learn from success stories at the UW Health – Yahara Clinic, an outpatient facility in Monona, Wisconsin. The presentation highlights Yahara Clinic’s operational concept of self-rooming and design for Integrated Care Team space. Post occupancy outcomes will be shared, including an 83% reduction in staff footsteps and 25% improvement in patient satisfaction scores. 

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Project Brief
March 2016 Project Brief

Learn about: the contribution technologies made to improve patient outcomes, the use of multiple technologies to improve patient care, and the strategies used by the design team to avoid creating a solitary feeling for the nurses working in a decentralized configuration.