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Insights & Solutions

September 2013 Webinar
Patient falls are the most common adverse event reported in acute care settings, affecting from between 2% to 10% of annual hospital admissions. Patient falls cause increased morbidity, mortality, length of stay, and have significant cost impacts. One recent study examined the relationship of design factors in patient rooms to falls in 30 units in 15 hospitals. Results indicate key factors associated with higher numbers of falls, including multi-person rooms, shared toilet rooms, number and location of grab bars, and others. Explore the intrinsic and extrinsic factors on fall risk and the role design plays in mitigating these factors through real design solutions. 
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July 2014 Webinar
Colors – on surfaces, in light, or combined in patterns – can be used to support improved user experience in healthcare spaces. Designers viewing this webinar will gain research-based guidance on how to use color to support design objectives. How colors can be used to support patients, visitors, and caregivers will be addressed as will the design of specific healthcare environments.