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Insights & Solutions

October 2019 Webinar
 In this webinar, two lighting experts will address innovative behavioral health lighting design strategies, review case studies and current research, and offer how you can adapt lessons learned to provide friendlier environments for residents, staff and families.
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January 2019 Webinar
This webinar will explore how in today’s healthcare market, designers enhance brand recognition in addition to designing physical space. The Mother Baby Center – a partnership between Allina Health and Children’s Minnesota – was one of the first facilities in the country to use art and architecture to assist in creating a complete brand that would carry through all three locations, while maintaining a unique identity of each. 
June 2018 Webinar
This webinar explores how the Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia pursued a vision to develop a new pediatric patient care unit: one that would meet the requirements and licensure of an acute care unit, but would provide a safe and supportive environment for patients with a comorbid developmental, behavioral, or psychiatric diagnosis.