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Student Membership

At The Center, we know that students hold the future of our industry in their hands and we want to be sure you have all the resources you need at your fingertips as you prepare for that future. Student Membership is free to you regardless of your field of study. If you feel the tools, resources and networking available to you as an Affiliate member of The Center would be useful, then we welcome you and hope that you will continue to look to The Center for the latest research and your education for years to come.

In order to activate your free membership, we need documentation to indicate your status as a current, full-time student. Once we review your documentation, your Student Affiliate Membership will be activated (within 72 hours) and will be good for one year.

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Please upload documentation that verifies you are currently enrolled as a full-time student. Verification can include documentation from your school showing current full-time enrollment. Please do not upload your student ID as this will not demonstrate current enrollment as a full-time student.