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Developing the Birth Unit Design Spatial Evaluation Tool (BUDSET) in Australia: A Qualitative Study

Originally Published:
Key Point Summary
Key Point Summary Author(s):
Augustin, Sally
Key Concepts/Context
A tool is needed to assess the “optimality” of the design of birth units.  One is not currently available.  
To develop a tool to assess the “optimality” of birth unit design.  This is important because “Optimal birth spaces are likely to enable women to have physiologically normal labor and birth.”
Data to inform the development of the tool was collected via a literature review; interviews with architects, midwives, clinicians, and researchers; and discussions with an expert panel.  Data collected were synthesized using a format based on A Pattern Language.
Design Implications
Use the instrument developed to assess birth units!
A useful instrument was developed. 
The validity and reliability of the tool developed have not yet been assessed.
Design Category
Acoustic Environment|Furniture, Fixtures & Equipment (FF&E)|Interior Material|Lighting (artificial and natural)|Room configuration and layout|Unit configuration and layout|Ventilation and air-conditioning system
Outcome Category
Patient health outcomes|Patient satisfaction and comfort
Environmental Condition Category
Attractiveness of physical environment|Distraction/interruption|Lighting|Patient Satisfaction and Comfort|Thermal condition
Key Point Summary Author(s):
Augustin, Sally
Primary Author
Foureur, M., Leap, N., Davis, D., Forbes, I., & Homer, C.