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Knowledge Repository Resources

There is a great deal of information found in the Knowledge Repository.  You may have questions about the best way to use this resource.  So we created a couple of short tutorials along with some additional materials that may help to maximize the impact of the knowledge contained in this repository.



About the Knowledge Repository

Understanding a Key Point Summary

How to Do a Search


To use an evidence-based design process, you have to know what the best available evidence is. But research is published faster than anyone can read it. In a blog series published in Healthcare Design Magazine, The Center for Health Design’s research team provides insights into a few healthcare design research matters of recent studies. The blogs identify why this research matters and help readers ride the waves of an ocean of research without drowning.

Pre-op and Post-op Areas
What Patients Want
Noise-reducing Curtains
Patient Rooms and Stress
Toilet Room Grab Bars
Patient Room Design and Falls
Flooring and the Chain of Infection
Medication Prep Rooms







Here are some conceptual models showing the relationship between environmental variables and outcomes relating to seven topic areas. We recommend you consider creating similar models when conducting your own critical evaluation of existing evidence (or preparing your own new research). Please also refer to the Evidence-Based Design Glossary for more detail and information on how these models were created and intended to be used.