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Knowledge Repository

Achieving EBD Goals Through Flooring Selection & Design

Author(s): Nanda, Upali, Malone, Eileen, Joseph, Anjali

Contribution of the Designed Environment to Fall Risk in Hospitals

Author(s): Calkins, Margaret P, Biddle, Stacey, Biesan, Orion

Healthcare Environmental Terms and Outcome Measures: An Evidence-based Design Glossary

Author(s): Quan, X., Malone, E., Joseph, A., Pati, D.

Furniture Design Features and Healthcare Outcomes

Author(s): Malone, E., Dellinger, B.

Health Promotion by Design in Long-Term Care Settings

Author(s): Joseph, A.

The use of single patient rooms versus multiple occupancy rooms in acute care environments

Author(s): Chaudhury, H, Mahmood, A , Valente, M

Designing for Patient Safety: Developing Methods to Integrate Patient Safety Concerns in the Design Process

Author(s): Joseph, A., Taylor, E. M. , Quan, X., Jelen, M.

Resident Safety Risk Assessment


Critical Issues in Healthcare Environments

Author(s): Cohen, Uriel , Allison, David