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Knowledge Repository

Building information modeling for facilities management: A literature review and future research directions

Author(s): Matarneh, S. T., Danso-Amoako, M., Al-Bizri, S., Gaterell, M., Matarneh, R.

A Systematic Literature Review of Empirical Studies on Decentralized Nursing Stations

Author(s): Fay, L., Cai, H., Real, K.

Promoting Patient and Family Engagement through Healthcare Facility Design: A Systematic Literature Review

Author(s): Bosch, S. J., Lorusso, L. N.

Healthcare signage design: A review on recommendations for effective signing systems

Author(s): Rodrigues, R., Coelho, R., Tavares, J. M. R. S.

Accessing green spaces within a healthcare setting: A mixed studies review of barriers and facilitators

Author(s): Weerasuriya, R., Henderson-Wilson, C., Townsend, M.

The experience of person-centred practice in a 100% single-room environment in acute care settings – a narrative literature review

Author(s): Kelly, R., Brown, D., McCance, T., Boomer, C.

New insights on antimicrobial efficacy of copper surfaces in the healthcare environment: A systematic review

Author(s): Chyderiotis, S., Legeay, C., Verjat-Trannoy, D., Le Gallou, F., Astagneau, P., Lepelletier, D.

Nonpharmacological Interventions for Sleep Promotion on Preterm Infants in Neonatal Intensive Care Unit: A Systematic Review

Author(s): Liao, J.-H., Hu, R.-F., Su, L.-J., Wang, S., Xu, Q., Qian, X.-F., He, H.-G.

Distribution characteristics, growth, reproduction and transmission modes and control strategies for microbial contamination in HVAC systems: A literature review

Author(s): Liu, Z., Ma, S., Cao, G., Meng, C., He, B.-J.

Single-Occupancy Patient Rooms: A Systematic Review of the Literature Since 2006

Author(s): Taylor, E., Card, A. J., Piatkowski, M.