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Knowledge Repository

The influence of facility design and human resource management on health care professionals

Author(s): Sadatsafavi, H., Walewski, J., Shepley, M. M.

A Simulation Framework for the Design and Analysis of Healthcare Clinics

Author(s): Ceresoli, J. D., Kuhl, M. E.

Efforts To Improve Patient Safety Result in 1.3 Million Fewer Patient Harms

Author(s): ,

ACA cuts remain top pain point for hospitals, according to Premier survey - Premier, Inc.

Author(s): ,

The relationship between destination proximity, destination mix and physical activity behaviors

Author(s): McCormack, G. R., Giles-Corti, B., Bulsara, M.

The relationship between birth unit design and safe, satisfying birth: Developing a hypothetical model

Author(s): Foureur, M., Davis, D., Fenwick, J., Leap, N., Iedema, R., Forbes, I., Homer, C. S. E.
The authors assert that just as the designed environment can impact health outcomes by disrupting effective communication and increasing patient and staff stress, it can also impact the experiences and outcomes for birthing women. 
Key Point Summary

A hierarchical facility layout planning approach for large and complex hospitals

Author(s): Helber, S., Böhme, D., Oucherif, F., Lagershausen, S., Kasper, S.

Creating the Universally Designed City: Prospects for the New Century

Author(s): Weisman, L.K.

Modeling environmental contamination in hospital single- and four-bed rooms

Author(s): King, M-F, Noakes, C J, Sleigh, P A
Healthcare workers (HCWs) coming in contact with contaminated surfaces in patient rooms can potentially transmit pathogens from one patient to another. However, the authors contend, there is little evidence in literature to indicate the association between contact with contaminated surfaces, transmission of pathogens, and patient room design.
Key Point Summary

The Business Case for Building Better Neonatal Intensive Care Units

Author(s): Shepley, M., Smith, J.A., Sadler, B.L. & White, R.D.
There is increasing evidence that the physical environment of the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU) has a tangible effect on the vulnerable infants who spend the first crucial weeks or months of their life there. 
Key Point Summary