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Knowledge Repository

Building noise in a hospital: an experimental simulation

Author(s): Powell, M.

Protected Environments and Prophylactic Antibiotics — A Prospective Controlled Study of Their Utility in the Therapy of Acute Leukemia

Author(s): Levine, A., Siegel, S., Schreiber, A., Hauser, J. , Preisler,H., Goldstein, I.M., Seidler, F., Simon, R,, Perry, S., Bennet, J.E., Henderson, E.S.

Behavioral and attitudinal effects of large-scale variation in the physical environment of psychiatric wards

Author(s): Holahan, C., Saegert, S.

Virus Cross-infection in Paediatric Wards

Author(s): Gardner, P.S., Court, S.D., Brocklebank, J.T., Downham, M.A., Weightman, D.

Hospital noise: Levels and potential health hazards

Author(s): Falk, S.A., Woods, N.F.