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Knowledge Repository

Job satisfaction of full-time professional nurses employed in hemodialysis treatment facilities

Author(s): Mulkerne, D.J.

An exploration of environmental variables and patient falls.

Author(s): Wong, S., Glennie, K., Muise, M., Lambie, E., Meagher, D.

Evaluating Architectural Legibility Way-Finding in the Built Environment

Author(s): Weisman, J.

Colors can help soothe the pediatric patient

Author(s): Skaggs, R.

Performance effects of daylight

Author(s): Santamaria, J., Bennett, C.

The Pediatric Family-Patient Health Education Library: The Issue of Access to Information

Author(s): Sahler, O., Satterwhite, B., Reynolds, J.

The effect of private isolation rooms on patient care practices, Colonization and infection in an intensive care unit

Author(s): Preston, G.A., Larson, E.L., Stamm, W.E.

Noise levels in hospital laboratories. Are they a problem and can they be reduced?

Author(s): Pragay, D.A.

Humanizing the pediatric hospital environment

Author(s): Olds, A.

A study of the value of simple protective isolation in patients with granulocytopenia

Author(s): Nauseef, W.M., Maki, D.G.