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Knowledge Repository

Carpeting in hospitals: an epidemiological evaluation

Author(s): Anderson, RL, Mackel, DC, Stoler, BS, Mallison, GF
Choice of flooring in a healthcare environment has tremendous cost implications. The impact of flooring on health related issues are only just beginning to be considered. A common issue of contention in healthcare design environments is the use of carpets and the implications for patient satisfaction and safety issues. While research shows that carpets may act as microbial reservoirs (especially in areas that are busy and associated with patient care) the relevance to disease, i.e. the epidemiological relevance, is not clear.
Key Point Summary

Increased recovery of Aspergillus flavus from respiratory specimens during hospital construction.

Author(s): Sarubbi, F.A., Jr, Kopf, H.B., Wilson, M.B., McGinnis, M.R., Rutala, W.A.

Play and Play Areas for Hospitalized Children

Author(s): Pisherchia, E., Bragg, C., Alvarez, M.

Experimental Alterations in Playroom Layout and their Effect on Staff and Child Behavior

Author(s): Neill, S.

Relation of the inanimate hospital environment to endemic nosocomial infection

Author(s): Maki, D.G., Alvarado, C.J., Hassemer, C.A., Zilz, M.A.

Frequency of visitation in nursing homes: patterns of contact across the boundaries of total institutions

Author(s): Hook, W.F., Sobal, J., Oak, J.C.

The effects of family/friend visits vs. staff interaction on stress/arousal of surgical intensive care patients

Author(s): Fuller, B.F., Foster, G.M.

Pennsylvania power and light: A lighting case study.

Author(s): Allen, R.

Quantitative Noise Analysis in a Modern Hospital

Author(s): Aitken, R.J.

An outbreak of airborne nosocomial varicella

Author(s): Gustafson T. L., Lavely G. B., Brawner Jr., E. R., Hutcheson Jr., R. H., Wright, P. F., Schaffner, W.
An outbreak of nosocomial varicella was traced to airborne spread from an immunocompromised child hospitalized from Nov 11-19, 1980. Seventy potentially susceptible children were hospitalized on the ward during that period. Although the index patient remained in strict room isolation throughout his hospital stay, eight of these patients contracted varicella. The afternoon of November 12 was the...
Key Point Summary