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Knowledge Repository

The Bacteriacidal Mats in the Pediatric Intensive Care Unit

Author(s): Dragas, A.Z., Susec-Michieli, M., Derganc, M., Kornhauser, P., Skeri, M.

Wayfinding and Orientation by the Visually Impaired

Author(s): Zimring, C., Templer, J.

Hospital-Acquired Infections in Intensive Care Unit Patients An Overview with Emphasis on Epidemics

Author(s): Wenzel, R.P., Thompson, R.L., Landry, S.M., Russell, B.S., Miller, P.J., Ponce de Leon, S., Miller, G.B., Jr.

The effect of purposeful touch on intracranial-pressure

Author(s): Walleck, C.

Noise pollution in the hospital

Author(s): Topf, M.

Parental access and family facilities in children's wards in England

Author(s): Thornes, R.

Optimal Design/Personnel for Control of Intensive Care Unit Infection

Author(s): Nystrom, B.

Isolation of Clostridium difficile from patients and the environment of hospital wards

Author(s): Malamou-Ladas, H., O'Farrell, S., Nash, J.Q., Tabaqchali, S.

Effect of Decentralized Computer-Order Entry on Medication Turnaround Time

Author(s): Lomonte, P.J., Besser, R.A., Thomas, E.C.

Pharmacists' dispensing accuracy in a high-volume outpatient pharmacy service: focus on risk management

Author(s): Guernsey, B.G., Ingrim, N.B., Hokanson, J.A., Doutre, W.H., Bryant, S.G., Blair, C.W., Galvan, E.