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Knowledge Repository

Objective and subjective evaluation of psychiatric ward redesign

Author(s): Whitehead, C. C., Polsky, R. H., Crookshank, C., Fik, E.
At the time of this study, relatively little research had been done to explore the potential benefits of incorporating architectural designs geared specifically towards improved patient well-being in psychiatric treatment environments. A “psychoenvironmental” model incorporating therapeutic architectural designs into psychiatric healthcare environments was developed before the publication of this study; however, this particular model had not yet been examined empirically.
Key Point Summary

Wayfinding in the hospital environment : a design analysis

Author(s): Drinkard, J.L.

ICU visiting policies

Author(s): Youngner, S.J., Coulton, C., Welton, R., Juknialis, B., Jackson, D.L.

View Through a Window May Influence Recovery from Surgery

Author(s): Ulrich, R.S.
Examined records on recovery after cholecystectomy of 46 patients admitted to a suburban hospital between 1972 and 1981 to determine whether assignment to a room with a window view of a natural setting might have restorative influences. Ss were matched in pairs according to sex, age, smoking or nonsmoking status, obese or normal weight status, year of surgery, and floor level (2nd or 3rd). Data...
Key Point Summary

Information and environmental stress: Report of a Hospital Intervention

Author(s): Nelson-Shulman, Y.

Personal Needs of Family Members of Critically Ill Patients With and Without Acute Brain Injury.

Author(s): Mathis, M.

Infection and sepsis after operations for total hip or knee-joint replacement: influence of ultraclean air, prophylactic antibiotics and other factors

Author(s): Lidwell, O.M., Lowbury, E.J., Whyte, W., Blowers, R., Stanley, S.J., Lowe, D.

The placement and misplacement of you-are-here maps.

Author(s): Levine, M., Marchon, I., Hanley, G.

Comparison of contemplation and hypnosis for the reduction of anxiety and discomfort during dental surgery

Author(s): Katcher, A., Segal, H., Beck, A.

The sick building syndrome: prevalence studies

Author(s): Finnegan, M.J., Pickering, C., Burge, P.S.