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Knowledge Repository

New Hospital Wards for Children Offer Lively Design, More Freedom

Author(s): Rosenberg, M.

Analysis of Post-Audit Energy Data for 41 Hospitals

Author(s): Vineyard, T.A.

Inpatient accidents in hospitals

Author(s): Uden, G.

Noise-induced Stress in Hospital Patients: Coping and Nonauditory Health Outcomes

Author(s): Topf, M.

Personal and environmental predictors of patient disturbance due to hospital noise

Author(s): Topf, M.

The effect of critical care unit noise on patient sleep cycles

Author(s): Snyder-Halpern, R.

An outbreak of infections with Acinetobacter calcoaceticus in burn patients: contamination of patients' mattresses

Author(s): Sherertz, R., Sullivan, M.

Antidepressant effects of light in seasonal affective disorder

Author(s): Rosenthal, N.E., Sack, D.A., Carpenter, C.J., Parry, B.L., Mendelson, W.B., Wehr, T.A.

Perceived job stress, job satisfaction, and psychological symptoms in critical care nursing

Author(s): Norbeck, J.S.

Hospital Falls: A Persistent Problem.

Author(s): Morgan, V.R., Mathison, J.H., Rice, J.C., Clemmer, D.I.