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Knowledge Repository

Psychopathology in medical inpatients and its relationship to length of hospital stay: a pilot study

Author(s): Levenson, J. L., Hamer, R., Silverman, J. J., Rossiter, L. F.

The effect of a vinyl floor surface and a carpeted floor surface upon walking in elderly hospital in-patients

Author(s): Willmott, M.

Dimensions of person-window transactions in the hospital environment

Author(s): Verderber, S.

Does hospital noise disturb patients?

Author(s): Soutar, R.L., Wilson, J.A.

Effects of environment on infection in burn patients

Author(s): Shirani, K.Z., McManus, A.T., Vaughan, G.M., McManus, W.F., Pruitt, B.A., Jr., Mason, A.D., Jr.

Efficacy of infection control measures during a nosocomial outbreak of disseminated aspergillosis associated with hospital construction.

Author(s): Opal, S.M., Asp, A.A., Cannady, P.B., Jr, Morse, P.L., Burton, L.J., Hammer, P.G., 2nd

Effect of night and day on preterm infants in a newborn nursery

Author(s): Mann, N., Haddow, R., Stokes, L., Goodley, S., Rutter, N.

Lighting and psychological comfort

Author(s): Heerwagen, J., Heerwagen, D.

The Effect of Social Support and the Work Environment upon Burnout Among Nurses

Author(s): Constable, J., Russell, D.

Stressors associated with coronary bypass surgery

Author(s): Carr, J.A., Powers, M.J.