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Knowledge Repository

Isolation Usage in a Pediatric Hospital

Author(s): Kim, M.H., Mindorff, C., Patrick, M.L., Gold, R., Ford-Jones, E.L.
Added October 2012

Impact of air filtration on nosocomial aspergillus infections: Unique risk of bone marrow transplant recipients

Author(s): Sherertz, R., J. Belani, A., Kramer, B.S., Elfenbein, G.J., Weiner, R.S., Sullivan, M.L., Thomas, R.G., Samsa, G.P.
Added October 2012

Handwashing technique in a pediatric intensive care unit

Author(s): Donowitz, L.G.
Added October 2012

Construction activity: an independent risk factor for invasive aspergillosis and zygomycosis in patients with hematologic malignancy.

Author(s): Weems, J.J., Jr, Davis, B.J., Tablan, O.C., Kaufman, L., Martone, W.J.
Added October 2012