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Knowledge Repository

Patient falls: An outcome indicator.

Author(s): Ruckstuhl, M. C., Marchionda, E. E., Salmons, J., Larrabee, J. H.
While a patient is in the hospital, that institution is responsible for his or her well-being. Patient falls are detrimental to patient safety and frequently represent the largest category of incident reports submitted to risk management. Thus, hospitals today are strongly motivated to reduce patient falls because quality care is of utmost importance to both the patient and the institution. However, today's climate of cost containment and litigious actions provides additional incentives for assuring quality of care by preventing patient falls.
Key Point Summary

Illumination and errors in dispensing

Author(s): Buchanan, T.L., Barker, K.N., Gibson, T., Pearson, R.E.
Pharmacies face the challenge of providing accurate and  timely pharmaceutical services, often amidst high demand and high volume. In addition to situational factors such as drugs distribution system used, workload of individual involved, and dosage forms of the drug, environmental factors can also contribute to errors in dispensing pharmaceuticals, which can have far reaching consequences.
Key Point Summary

The Noise Hazard in a Large Health Care Facility

Author(s): Yassi, A., Gaborieau, D., Gillespie, I., Elias, J.

Play and the young hospitalized patient

Author(s): Wishon, P., Brown, M.

Prohibited visiting in the maternity hospital and its epidemiological consequences

Author(s): Vasilev, D., Dzhermanova, L.

Effects of interior design on wellness: theory and recent scientific research

Author(s): Ulrich, R.S.

Documentation of cost savings from decentralized clinical pharmacy services at a community-hospital

Author(s): Taylor, J.T., Kathman, M.S.

A comparison of hypertensive and nonhypertensive coronary care patients' cardiovascular responses to visitors

Author(s): Simpson, T., Shaver, J.

Solid Waste Management Practices in Selected Hotel Chains and Individual Properties

Author(s): Shanklin, C.W., Petrillose, M.J., Pettay, A.

Signs, symbols, and the psychiatric environment

Author(s): Remen, S.