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Knowledge Repository

Signs, symbols, and the psychiatric environment

Author(s): Remen, S.

Family visits and different cultures

Author(s): Lopez, J., Hendrickson, S.

The Use of Single Room Occupancy (SRO) Housing as a Residential Alternative for Persons with a Chronic Mental Illness

Author(s): Linhorst, D.M.

A biomechanical and ergonomic evaluation of patient transferring tasks: bed to wheelchair and wheelchair to bed

Author(s): Garg, A., Owen, B., Beller, D., Banaag, J.

Effects of cycled light on activity state and cardiorespiratory function in preterm infants

Author(s): Blackburn, S., Patteson, D.

Physical Comfort, Social Contact, Wayfinding and Meaning as Indicators of Stress in a Hospital Enironment

Author(s): Ortega-Andeane, P.