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Knowledge Repository

Effect of an automated, nursing unit-based drug-dispensing device on medication errors

Author(s): Borel, J.M., Rascati, K.L.

Effect of bright light treatment on agitated behavior in institutionalized elderly subjects

Author(s): Lovell, B.B., Ancoli-Israel, S., Gevirtz, R.

A hermeneutic study of the experiences of relatives of critically ill patients

Author(s): Walters, A.J.

Bacillus species pseudobacteremia following hospital construction

Author(s): Loeb, M., Wilcox, L., Thornley, D., Gun-Munro, J., Richardson, H.

A randomized trial of care in a hospital medical unit especially designed to improve the functional outcomes of acutely ill older patients

Author(s): Landefeld, C.S., Palmer, R.M., Kresevic, D.M., Fortinsky, R.H., Kowal, J.

Detrimental effects of noise on anesthetists

Author(s): Murthy, V.S., Malhotra, K.L., Bala, I., Raghunathan, M.

Recovery of vancomycin-resistant enterococci on fingertips and environmental surfaces

Author(s): Noskin, G.A., Stosor, V., Cooper, I., Peterson, L.R.

Noise in a neonatal unit: guidelines for the reduction or prevention of noise

Author(s): Nzama, N.P., Nolte, A.G., Dorfling, C.S.

Clinical and Chronobiological Effects of Light Therapy on Nonseasonal Affective Disorders

Author(s): Yamada, N., Martin-Iverson, M.T., Daimon, K., Tsujimoto, T., Takahashi, S.

Frequent patient-to-patient transmission of hepatitis C virus in a haematology ward

Author(s): Allander, T., Gruber, A., Naghavi, M., Beyene, A., Soderstrom, T., Bjorkholm, M., Grillner, L., Persson, M.A.