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Knowledge Repository

Acoustical Design Features Associated With Noise Level In Health Facilities: The Case Of Dialysis Facilities

Author(s): Bame, S. I., Wells, W.

Healthscapes: The role of the facility and physical environment on consumer attitudes, satisfaction, quality assessments, and behaviors.

Author(s): Hutton, J. D., Richardson, L. D.

Noise Levels in an Urban Hospital and Workers' Subjective Responses

Author(s): Bayo, M. V., Garcia, A. M., Armando, G.
Noise has become a major environmental problem as well as a public health concern, resulting in a wide range of negative consequences. Despite healthcare facilities’ attempts to foster favorable environments to assist in patient recovery and staff working conditions, noise levels are often higher than desirable in and around hospitals. There is a need to identify the main noisy areas and noise sources and evaluate the hospital staff’s reactions to noise.
Key Point Summary

Attribute correlates of hospital outpatient satisfaction

Author(s): Krueckeberg, H. F., Hubbert, A.
Patient satisfaction with hospital outpatient or ambulatory services is an important factor in influencing patient patronage and loyalty. With the increasing growth of revenue associated with outpatient procedures, this area of practice has important opportunities for market-share development through employee behavior and the influence of management and marketing strategies.
Key Point Summary

Gardens In Healthcare Facilities: Uses, Therapeutic Benefits, And Design Recommendations

Author(s): Marcus, C.C., Barnes, M.M.

A room with a view art survey: The Bird Garden at Duke University Hospital

Author(s): Hefferman, M.L., Morstatt, M., Saltzman, K., Strunc, L.

Premature infant responses to noise reduction by earmuffs: effects on behavioral and physiologic measures

Author(s): Zahr, L.K., de Traversay, J.
The continuous high-intensity noise in the neonatal intensive care unit (NICU) is both stressful and harmful for the premature infant. Although some researchers have found evidence that loud noise can cause hearing loss and alter physiologic and behavioral responses, no study to date has investigated the benefits of noise reduction by the use of earmuffs. In this study earmuffs were placed over...
Key Point Summary

Clinical and Chronobiological Effects of Light Therapy on Nonseasonal Affective Disorders

Author(s): Yamada, N., Martin-Iverson, M.T., Daimon, K., Tsujimoto, T., Takahashi, S.

A hermeneutic study of the experiences of relatives of critically ill patients

Author(s): Walters, A.J.

Clown Doctors: Shaman Healers of Western Medicine

Author(s): Van Blerkom, L.M.