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Knowledge Repository

Ergonomics review: armrest design and use. An ergonomics review of the literature for Steelcase Furniture.

Author(s): Lueder, R., Allie, P.

Young patients help design pediatric unit

Author(s): Unknown

Rotating Shiftwork Schedules: Can We Enhance Physician Adaptation to Night Shifts?

Author(s): Smith-Coggins, R., Rosekind, M., Buccino, K., Dinges, D., Moser, R.

Perceptions of environmental stressors in the neonatal unit

Author(s): Raeside, L.

Effects on performance and work quality due to low frequency ventilation noise

Author(s): Persson Waye, K., Rylander, R., Benton, S., Leventhall, H.G.

Deaths caused by bedrails

Author(s): Parker, K., Miles, S.H.

Stressors in ICU: patients' evaluation

Author(s): Novaes, M.A., Aronovich, A., Ferraz, M.B., Knobel, E.

Ergonomic nursing workstation design to prevent cumulative trauma disorders.

Author(s): McHugh, M.L., Schaller, P.

A multifaceted approach to changing handwashing behavior

Author(s): Larson, E.L., Bryan, J.L., Adler, L.M., Blane, C.

Surface electromyography and mouse use position

Author(s): Harvey, R., Peper, E.