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Knowledge Repository

NIOSH alert: preventing allergic reactions to natural rubber latex in the workplace.

Author(s): NIOSH

Ergonomic nursing workstation design to prevent cumulative trauma disorders.

Author(s): McHugh, M.L., Schaller, P.

Latex allergy: epidemiological study of 1351 hospital workers

Author(s): Liss, G., Sussman, G.L. , Deal, K., Brown, S., Cividino, M., Siu, S., Beezhold, D., Smith, G., Swanson, M., Yunginger, J., Douglas, A. , Holness, D.L., Lebert, P., Keith, P. , Wasserman, S., Turjanmma, K.

Daylight, artificial light and people in an office environment: Overview of visual and biological responses

Author(s): Begemann, S.H.A., van den Beld, G.J., Tenner, A.D.