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Knowledge Repository

An Investigation To Determine Whether the Built Environment Affects Patient's Medical Outcomes

Author(s): Rubin, H.R.M.D., Ph.D., Owens, A.J., Golden, G., Weber, D.O.
Added October 2012

Influence of protective isolation on outcome of allogeneic bone marrow transplantation for leukemia

Author(s): Passweg, J.R., Rowlings, P.A., Atkinson, K.A., Barrett, A.J., Gale, R.P., Gratwohl, A., Jacobsen, N., Klein, J.P., Ljungman, P., Russell, J.A., Schaefer, U.W., Sobocinski, K.A., Vossen, J.M., Zhang, M.J., Horowitz, M.M.
Added October 2012

Multiple Occupancy Versus Private Rooms on Dementia Care Units

Author(s): Morgan, D.G., Stewart, N.J.
Added October 2012

Adolescent preferences for rooming during hospitalization

Author(s): Miller, N.O., Friedman, S.B., Coupey, S.M.
Added October 2012

Planning and design of a surgical intensive care unit in a new regional hospital

Author(s): Koay, C.K., Fock, K.M.
Added October 2012