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Knowledge Repository

An analysis of falls in the hospital: Can we do without bedrails?

Author(s): Hanger, H. C., Ball, M. C., Wood, L. A.
Falls and injuries from falls are common in older patients in institutions, evoking a common response of using restraints, such as bedrails or cot sides, to further prevent harm. However, there is no compelling evidence that restraints reduce the risk of falls and/or injuries.
Key Point Summary

A collaborative occupational therapy and nursing approach to falls prevention in hospital inpatients.

Author(s): Brandis, S.
It is estimated that one-third of elderly people fall each year', with general agreement that there are many associated factors.
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The built environment as a component of quality care: understanding and including the patient’s perspective

Author(s): Fowler, E., MacRae, S., Stern, A., Harrison, T., Gerteis, M., Walker, J., Edgman-Levitan, S., Ruga, W.
There are eight consistent attributes that patients and family members look for in healthcare environments.
Key Point Summary

Impact of interruptions and distractions on dispensing errors in an ambulatory care pharmacy

Author(s): Flynn, E. A., Barker, K. N., Gibson, J. T., Pearson, R. E., Berger, B. A., Smith, L. A.
Errors and error rate have been used as outcome measures of the quality of drug distribution that is a function of the interaction between humans, procedures, equipment, and the work environment. Dispensing errors have been measured by observation and occur at rates of up to 24%. Studies show the relationship between errors and noise, light levels, and prescription workload, as well as the increased number of distractions and errors in an ambulatory care pharmacy.
Key Point Summary

Visual Ergonomics in the Office (Guidelines for monitor placement and lighting)

Author(s): Ankrum, D.R.

Design impact on health care facilities performance : a post-occupancy evaluation of patient rooms

Author(s): Mujahed, M.

Patients, Staff & Families Find Comfort in Healing Garden

Author(s): Varni, J.W, Whitehouse, S, Kurtin, P.S., Sadler, B.

Bringing Home Into The Hospital

Author(s): VanderSteeg, J., Liebenrood, C.

Everybody's Beautiful: Using Art To Promote Self-Healing

Author(s): Ridenour, A.

Greenbacks from green roofs: Forging a new industry in Canada

Author(s): Peck, S., Callaghan, C., Kuhn, M., Bass, B.