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Knowledge Repository

Patients Find Comfort In Auditory Interventions

Author(s): Mazer, S.

Guidelines for community noise

Author(s): Berglund, B., Lindvall, T., Schwela, D.H., Goh, T.K.

Effects of hospital noise on heart rate variability of acutely ill adults. (noise annoyance)

Author(s): Webb, J.J.

The effect of earplugs on sleep measures during exposure to simulated intensive care unit noise

Author(s): Wallace, C.J., Robins, J., Alvord, L.S., Walker, J.M.

Create healing environment without music therapist

Author(s): Unknown

The effects of music therapy on vital signs and pulsatile oxygen saturation of pediatric intensive care unit children

Author(s): Too, C., Song, K.

The psychological and physiological effects of an intensive-care unit environment on healthy individuals

Author(s): Tanimoto, S., Takayanagi, K., Yokota, H., Yamamoto, Y.

Psychiatric units in district general hospitals: Design issues

Author(s): Shrivastava, R., Kumar, S., Jacobson, R.R.