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Knowledge Repository

An analysis of falls in the hospital: Can we do without bedrails?

Author(s): Hanger, H. C., Ball, M. C., Wood, L. A.
Falls and injuries from falls are common in older patients in institutions, evoking a common response of using restraints, such as bedrails or cot sides, to further prevent harm. However, there is no compelling evidence that restraints reduce the risk of falls and/or injuries.
Key Point Summary

A collaborative occupational therapy and nursing approach to falls prevention in hospital inpatients.

Author(s): Brandis, S.
It is estimated that one-third of elderly people fall each year', with general agreement that there are many associated factors.
Key Point Summary

Do bedrails decrease falls in hospitalized patients?

Author(s): Schott, J., Force, R.W.

Falls in a Community of Older Adults Putting Research into Practice

Author(s): Resnick, B.

Multiresistant psuedomonas aeruginosa outbreak in a pediatric oncology ward related to bath toys

Author(s): Buttery, J., Alabaster, S., Heine, R., Scott, S., Cruchfield, R., Bigham, A., Tabrizi, S., Garland, S.