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Knowledge Repository

Patients Find Comfort In Auditory Interventions

Author(s): Mazer, S.

Seating Makes a Difference in Healthcare

Author(s): Leib, R.K.A.

The 5 "P"S Of A Healing Environment

Author(s): Larsen, D.

Using design to improve the quality of clinical practice

Author(s): Kilo, C.

Celebration Health

Author(s): Huelat, B.J.A., IIDA

The Relationship Between Alzheimer's Disease & Design

Author(s): Brawly, B.A.,

Guidelines for community noise

Author(s): Berglund, B., Lindvall, T., Schwela, D.H., Goh, T.K.

Ventilation for indoor air quality ASHRAE Standard 62-1999

Author(s): ASHRAE, American Society of Heating, Refrigerating and Air-conditioning Engineers, Inc.

Faucet aerators: a source of patient colonization with Stenotrophomonas maltophilia

Author(s): Weber, D.J., Rutala, W.A., Blanchet, C.N., Jordan, M., Gergen, M.F.

Effects of hospital noise on heart rate variability of acutely ill adults. (noise annoyance)

Author(s): Webb, J.J.