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Knowledge Repository

Effects of guidelines implementation in a surgical intensive care unit to control nighttime light and noise levels

Author(s): Walder, B., Francioli, D., Meyer, J.J., Lancon, M., Romand, J.A.

Altering the NICU and measuring infants' responses

Author(s): Slevin, M., Farrington, N., Duffy, G., Daly, L., Murphy, J.F.

Bright light improves vitality and alleviates distress in healthy people

Author(s): Partonen, T., Lonnqvist, J.

Smart occupancy sensors to reduce energy consumption

Author(s): Garg, V., Bansal, N.K.

Diminished perception of ambient light: A symptom of clinical depression?

Author(s): Friberg, T.R., Borrero, G.